If looks could kill, Scarlett might as well be a walking lethal weapon. Unfortunately for anyone who might cross her, she is aligned with a man beyond capable of inflicting serious damage.

Arriving on NXT with the menacing Karrion Kross, the sinister siren was the voice behind the doomsday duo’s ominous warnings for months, declaring to all on the black-and-gold brand that they couldn’t stop what was unstoppable and that the reckoning was undeniable.

Scarlett and Kross made a major impact in April 2020 by targeting and taking out former NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa. They transfixed the NXT Universe with a spellbinding entrance during their official debut weeks later. More


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Karrion Kross w/Scarlett vs. Danny Burch

Burch power walks to the ring and yells at the referee to ring the bell. Burch attacks Kross. Burch sends Kross over the top rope. Burch follows. Kross choke bombs Burch on out on the floor. Kross sends Burch back into the ring. Kross suplexes Burch. Burch surprises Burch with a missile dropkick. Burch German suplexes Kross. Kross pops back up to his feet. Burch suplexes Kross again and immediately hits a lariat after that. Burch puts Kross in the crossface. Kross escapes and obliterates v with two doomsday Saitos. Kross puts Burch in the Cross Jacket. Burch passes out.

Winner- Karrion Kross

Keith Lee marches down to the ring. Kross rolls out of the ring. Lee says he promised Regal that he wouldn’t put his hands on Kross till the ppv. Lee has a signed contract with his name and Regal’s name. It just needs Kross’ “Bitch ass” to sign it. Scarlett brings the contract to Kross. Kross signs it. Scarlett brings the title back to the ring. Scarlett kisses it before closing the folder it’s in. Scarlett slides the contract to Lee. Lee opens it and a fireball explodes in his face. The medical staff and a bunch of referees check on Lee. Lee is screaming for Kross.

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 Date: August 13th 2020
 Categories: WWE NXT Results